Victory Short-Term Missions

Victory Short-term Missions connects with global ministries to share God’s Good News to all people. Our teams are made up of all ages, backgrounds, and careers. We also look for Adult & Young Adults with mission experience to take a more active role as a leader.

Our purpose is to encourage and uplift local pastors and missionaries, help them expand their reach, and truly impact nations. And in that process, you'll find your own life forever changed. Join us and experience a mission trip like never before!

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June 22 - July 02, 2019

Cost: $2899 Student and Adult

Victory is collaborating with 1Nation1Day with the vision to see salvation and transformation come to the entire country of Peru!

“Uniting For Transformation”

Since the birth of this movement in 2013, 1Nation1Day has swept across three nations mobilizing over 8,000 international missionaries, reaching more than 2.5 million people face to face, and millions more through media. Every nation is going to hear before Christ returns. We believe that the church carries the mantle and authority to expedite Christ’s return with each nation that hears His gospel.

“Experience History Being Made”

This isn’t a normal missions trip – it’s 1Nation1Day. 5,000 passionate missionaries, over 360 teams holding over 5,400 outreaches, 15 stadium events in every major stadium around the country – we’d like to call it epic, but this is so much bigger.

This 10-day trip will be jam packed with Ministry Opportunities:

  • Ministry: Students/schools (ages 13+)
  • Influencers: Leadership experience, minister to school faculty (ages 30+)
  • Medical/Dental: Experienced, as well as open to any Soccer Teams: Competitive soccer players, (ages 14-28)
  • Clean Water Filtration

At the end of the week, every team in our city will unite along with the local church to make history at the national 1Nation1Day event.

Here are your next steps:

  1. Register Early by October 11th & Receive a Free T-shirt
  2. Get your passport
  3. Start Fundraising

  • Final Due Date for Early Application - October 11th
  • Final Due Date for Applying - March 5th
  • For more info - or call (918) 491.7630