Man After God's Own Heart

May | 6-7
Pastor Paul Daugherty

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David - Part 1: Man After God's Own Heart

In this lesson you will learn 4 principles of David's heart.
Intro:In the Bible, there is more written about David than any other character in the Old Testament. David has 66 chapters outlining; his life, his emotions, his successes, and his failures. He is also referenced in the New Testament 59 times, and the only man said to be a "man after God's own heart". Obviously, God wants us to learn and read a lot about this character. David was not a perfect individual, nor did he lead a perfect life, but he was a man whose heart was set on pleasing God.

I. He was Faithful in His Field

A. Luke 16:10- David was out in the shepherd's fields with his father's sheep, where no one else wanted to be. He faithfully stewarded the responsibility given to him even though it meant facing and fending off wild animals. He was content in the season that God had placed him into. God has given each of us a field. Until we know differently, that is where God has called us to be. Be faithful with what God has given you in this season.

II. He was Faithful in the Familiar

A. Psa 118:24- He was consistent in the mundane, and the regular routine of life. He saw purpose in the familiar. Don't let the familiar and the routine steal your passion or your purpose from life. Maybe what you are going through is more about the condition of your heart, than the conditions surrounding you. How you handle the waiting season will determine if you step into your appointed season.

III. He was Faithful when Forgotten

A. 1 Sam 16:11 –When the prophet Samuel shows up to Jesse's house, he brings in all of his sons to be presented for the anointing, except David. Do not write people off, especially your own kids. Even when David was forgotten for the family gathering, he was still found faithful. How will you respond when you are forgotten, ignored, or rejected? For every season of anointing and appointing, there is a season of process and preparation.

IV. He was Faithful in the Future

A. After David is anointed king, he goes right back out to the pasture and keeps shepherding his father's sheep. He returns to the duty that God has assigned to him until he is told otherwise. Wait on the Lord, wait for God's timing, wait for God's elevation. There will be seasons of rejection, discouragement, and rejecting God. God would not have picked you, if He thought you could not handle it. You can handle it.