How To Kill Your Giants

May | 13-14
Pastor Paul Daugherty

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David - Part 2: How To Kill Your Giants

In this lesson you will learn three ways to defeat your giants.
Intro:1 Sam 17- In the valley of Elah, the two armies of the Israelites and the Philistines meet. It is in this valley that the Israelites run smack into the biggest giant they have ever seen. He is big, he's loud, he's intimidating, and he threatens them day after day. The giants that you face in life don't come just once, but day in and day out trying to take territory away from you. God is calling you to stand up and fight for what He has given you. God leads us into the right fight for the right cause that leads us closer to our destiny. David did not choose what happened to him that day, but he did choose his response to the situation.

I. Get the Right Perspective

A. See the Lord through the lens of God's Word. Your response to life's circumstances is a direct result of your perception of God. Focus and magnify your attention on God (Psa 34:3). How you see yourself will determine whether you fight or take flight from the giants of life. When you see yourself as more than a conqueror, then you can face the giants with courage (Rom 8:37). View your circumstances only by what the Word of God says about them. Never run away from something God has called you to fight for. 2 Cor 4:17- Our giants shrink in the light of God's Word.

II. Remember Your Past Victories

A. 1 Sam 17:33-37- We cannot control what others think about us, but we can control what we think about ourselves. David encouraged himself in front of Saul by recounting the great victories that God had brought to him in his past. Too often we are reminded of our faults, our shortcoming, our failures. Put that stuff out of your mind, and remember what God has done for you in your past. Remember the triumphs, the open doors, the wins that God has brought your way.

III. Talk Back to Your Giants

A. 1 Sam 17:41-48- Use your voice to control the volume in the valley. If your giant is shouting at you, you must shout back at it. Victory comes with a sound. What sound are you making? The enemy wants to shut you up and silence you through fear and intimidation. You must win the battle of the mind against thoughts of fear. You must also win the war of words between you and your giant. Faith filled words will change the outcome of the battle. You can't talk defeat, and expect victory in the fight. Fight your giants with faith in your heart, and the Word of God in your mouth.