Cheers, Spears, & A Lot Of Tears

May | 20-21
Pastor Paul Daugherty

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David - Part 3: Cheers, Spears, & A Lot Of Tears

In this lesson you will learn how David interacted with friends and enemies.
Intro:God has a school that few people enroll in, let alone graduate. It is called the school of brokenness. When God has an impossible task, He finds an impossible person and crushes him. Most of us run from the crushing, but God's desire is to remove all the crutches that we lean on besides Him. Many great leaders had to go through the process of crushing, but none in Scripture is described in such detail as David. God has to break, hone, and sharpen him which also included crushing him. After killing Goliath, David went through his longest, darkest, and deepest valley of his entire life.

I. Jonathon the Lifelong Friend

A. 1 Sam 18:1-4 Some people are with you for a season, but very few people are with you for a lifetime. Jonathan made a covenant friendship with David bonded in love. God knew David needed a friend that would walk him through the valley of his next few years. Jonathan was an intimate friend that sacrificed for David, was a constant source of encouragement allowing David to be himself. In order to have a Jonathan in your life, you must be a Jonathan. We reap what we sow in friendships. He helped cheer David on.

II. Comparison Clouds the Clarity of Your Calling

A. 1 Sam 18: 7-15 Saul was jealous of David's success and kept an eye on David. He tried to pin David to the wall with his spears on multiple occasions. In spite of all the spears thrown at him, God causes David to prosper and to grow in the eyes of the people. Instead of taking David under his wing and becoming a mentor unto him, Saul is so filled with envy that he tries to persuade his two children Jonathan and Michal to betray David into his hand. God uses Saul's madness to break David, and to turn him from becoming a Saul kind of king.

III. What to do when Spears are Thrown at You

A. 1 Sam 19:9-11 Everyone else in the world knows what to do when a spear is thrown at them. They pick up the spear, and throw it right back. David refused to throw spears back at Saul. Instead, he served, loved, forgave, and kept prospering. God does not bless hate, evil, or dishonor. The Sauls in your life make it their goal to make you miserable, disrespect you, and pray that you fail. Don't fall for the spear throwing trap. Trust God, focus on your calling, and honor everyone that comes across your path.