It's Your Time

June | 3-4
Pastor Paul Daugherty

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David - Part 5: It's Your Time

In this lesson you will learn three keys to see your time of promotion
Intro: David was anointed king the first time in his teenage years. He was appointed king over all Israel when he was 30 years old (2 Sam 5:4). The call to leadership is found in all ages, all jobs, all seasons, and in all spheres of influence. Age, background, or your past does not discount you from the call. God's calling on your life eclipses all of the shortcoming and inadequacies in the eyes of man. Leadership is a call that God births on the inside of each of us. God has a set time for your promotion.

I. Stay Hungry

A. 2 Sam 5:22-23 David seeks God as to what to do even after he is promoted. God is looking for leaders to seek Him and stay humble after they have been exalted to leadership. Has power and promotion changed your stance with God? David followed God's leading did not leave his stance of prayer. Listening to God always comes before acting on a decision. Great leaders listen to God's counsel. Don't go until you know.

II. Your Destiny is tied up in Helping Others

A. When you are a dream releaser, God will make sure your dreams come to past. No one stands taller on the climb towards success than when you bend down to help someone else achieve their goals and dreams. Who are you investing in and pushing up? See people's potential before they are successful. Be the one who opens the door for them to succeed. Do for others what you would want them to do for you (Luke 6:31).

III. Favor is Looking for You

A. God has set an end to any difficulty you may be walking through. God knows how to get you out of any trouble you may be facing right now. God has a rain of His favor coming your way. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning ( Psa 30:5). Expect a miracle. Something is good will happen to you today! There will be a restoration season for all the trouble you went through. David declared in Psalm 27 that he would see the goodness of the Lord in his future. Stay in faith. God is about to turn it around.