Turning Tables

March | 17-18
Pastor Paul Daugherty

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Victory Tulsa is a Church in Tulsa who focuses on preaching the love of Jesus to the city of Tulsa, our nation, and our world. Our mission is to Love God and Love people. To do this we connect people to God and each other, equip people to fulfill their God-given purpose, and empower the church to reach out locally and globally with God’s love. You can visit our church campus in Tulsa, Oklahoma for a life-giving service every Saturday at 5pm, Sunday at 8:30am, 9am, and 11am, and Wednesday at 7pm.

This message is called “Turning Tables” referencing Jesus going into the temple in John 2, when he turns the tables over to show the people, the temple symbolizes the church. Pastor Paul talks about 4 different tables in your life, Jesus may need to turn over in you, in this season.