Walk It Out

Saturday, February 10th

Victory Tulsa | Main Victory Campus | 9:30am

Victory Mannford | Camp Victory | 9:30am

Please wear your orange shirts. If you don't have one, one will be provided.

Street Evangelism

Taking food and supplies to areas in Tulsa. Praying with people, encouraging them, and inviting them to church.


Go to a specific location in Tulsa and spend some time praying and interceding for our city. Pray for revival in our city and leadership, schools, and our different campuses etc.

Manual Labor

We will be doing "Adopt-A-Block" type outreaches at our Tulsa Parks and schools. We will be doing everything from cleaning up trash, to furniture distribution, passing out water and sports drinks etc.

Personal Ministry

Meeting specific needs for families in Tulsa through our hospital ministries, food pantries and distribution, supplies and care packages for families in need as well prayer and ministry time.

Street Evangelism

** Family Friendly Outreaches – Bring your kids!

Downtown Bus Station (Victory DWT)

Pass out flowers and bus tokens to the people at the bus station, while spending time mingling, hanging out, and praying with them.

Personal Ministry

* Family Friendly Outreaches – Bring your kids!

Nursing Home Ministry

Spend time with the residents of the Nursing Home by hanging out with them, listening to them, and encouraging them with a flower for the Valentine’s season. ALL ROSES WILL BE PROVIDED.

Prayer in Our City

Gather as a group of believers, believing and interceding, for the community of Tulsa for revival at Victory, our city, and our nation.

Laundromat Ministry

Visit a few local Laundromats and pay for people’s loads of laundry. WE WILL SUPPLY ALL THE QUARTERS! The Team will take time to pray and encourage the people and invite them to Victory.

Laura Dester Children’s Home

Laura Dester is a Children’s Home that provides and maintains a safe temporary place for children who have been removed from their homes and awaiting placement into a foster home. The team will get the opportunity to interact one-on-one with the children and have the opportunity of investing in their lives.

Drive-Thru Donuts and Coffee**

Bless our community by giving out FREE donuts and coffee, providing the opportunity to talk with people, and ask to pray with them and invite them to church.

Manual Labor

** Family Friendly Outreaches – Bring your kids!

Tulsa Hills Youth Ranch**

Work around the ranch with maintenance and grounds work (cleaning horse stalls, organizing tack rooms, mending fences, pulling weeds, picking up leaves, and maybe some painting).

Serving the Elders of the Church

Our team will be spending time with the elders in our church, and helping them with any house hold needs. We will also spend time praying for their families, and encouraging them.

Sand Springs Children’s Home

Our team will be going door to door to minster to the families living at the facility. We will pass out cards, candy, and flowers to the women and children.

In House Service Projects

This outreach will be held at Victory helping our staff complete various work projects that need to be finished. These outreaches will provide a great opportunity for volunteers to serve the Local House.

Tulsa Sunshine Center

The Sunshine Center is a pediatric therapy center that services infants, children and teens. Their mission is to help families find practical and efficient solutions to help their children achieve to their fullest potential. Our team will be partnering with their staff to help with projects around the clinic that are needing immediate attention.

Loaves and Fishes

The team will help with the programs that they host, reaching out to the homeless and families in need. The team will spend time doing deep cleaning, organizing equipment and supplies, lending a hand to the staff bagging groceries, and serving a hot meal.

Coffee Shops

We will be going to coffee shops to hand out flowers, pray and encourage people, as well as inviting them to Church.