Walk It Out

Saturday, June 24th

Victory Tulsa | Main Victory Campus | 9:30am

Victory Mannford | Camp Victory | 9:00am

Street Evangelism

Downtown Bus Station - 20 People

Take some food items down to the bus station and pass them out, and spend time meeting the people that are hanging out down there. Pray with them and love on them, and give them a bus pass to help them get where they need to go.

Downtown Homeless Outreach - 20 people

Similar to the bus station, this team will be downtown, passing out food items and bus tickets to those in need. This team will go to the greyhound station, and then to the side streets that surround the Tulsa Day Center. If there’s time, you can also find other areas of town to go find people to minister to similarly (Quick Trips, Outside the Police Station, etc.)

Motel Ministry - 10 people

Go to the Motels where the Women of the Night are and minister to them and give them a gift bag with snacks, candy and toiletry items

Park Ministry - 20 people x 5 locations (100)

Go to crowded parks around Tulsa to do Dramas and pass out Gatorade, water, and granola bars. Talk with people and ask them if you can pray with them and invite them to church. *LaFortune Park *Hunter Park *Woodard and Cherry Street *Riverside Drive (North End) *Riverside Drive (South End)

Prayer in Our City - 20 people x 4 locations (80)

Downtown, Victory, Victory Mannford, Victory Hispanic Go to four different locations of town and spend some time praying over the city of Tulsa. Pray for revival and pray for Victory.


Diaper Drives - 20 people x 3 locations (60)

Knock on doors at different apartment complexes and minister to those who answer their doors. Ask if any of the families need diapers and distribute what they need to them. Pass out candy to the kids.

Neighborhood Block Party - 30 people x 4 locations (120)

Tulsa Dream Center, The Meadows Apartments, Village East Apartments, Victory Park Host a block party for families. Pass out groceries, snacks and refreshments, play games with kids, and minister to those you come in contact with.

Manual Labor

Adopt-A-Block Victory Mannford - 20 people

Go to different areas around Mannford to pick-up trash, pull weeds, haul unwanted items etc.

Adopt-A-Block for Single Parents - 20 people

Help these individuals with yard work by raking leaves, cutting wood, mowing the grass, and trimming trees and various household chores.

Adopt-A-Block in North Tulsa - 20 – 40 people

Go to different areas around the Dream Center that need to be revived. (paint, pick-up trash, pull weeds, paint over graffiti, etc.)

Dream Center Warehouse - 20 people

Put together pre-packaged grocery bags that will be given away to those in need. Then, help with cleaning and organizing the warehouse.

Free Car Wash - 40 people

Serve the community by washing cars for free and talk with people and ask them if you can pray with them and invite them to church.

Tulsa Hills Youth Ranch - 30 people

Work around the ranch with some maintenance and grounds work (cleaning horse stalls, organizing tack rooms, mending fences, pulling weeds, picking up leaves, and maybe some painting).

Tulsa River Parks - 20 people

We have partnered with River Parks to do an adopt-a-block type outreach at Turkey Mountain picking up trash.

Personal Ministry

Hospital Ministry Patients & Families - 10 people x 3 locations (30)

St. Francis, St. Johns, St Francis South This outreach will go to different hospitals around Tulsa and pray for those in the hospital, as well as spend some time encouraging the families of those who have loved ones receiving care.

Hospital Ministry Nurses - 10 people x 3 locations (30)

St. Francis, St. Johns, St Francis South These teams will go to the different hospital with roses and encouraging thank you notes to share with the nurses and staff of the hospitals.

Laundromat - 10 people x 4 Teams going to 10 different locations (40)

Visit a few local Laundromats and pay for people’s laundry. We will supply all the quarters! Pray with people and spend time being a blessing to them.

Loaves and Fishes - 30 people

Pass out hot meals to the hungry and pray with them. Help organize clothes that will be given to those in need.

Nursing Home Ministry - 10 people x 6 locations (60)

Spend time with the elderly by playing games, singing songs, telling stories, writing them encouraging cards, etc.

Police Department and Fire House Outreach - 10 people x 4 locations (40)

Bixby, Broken Arrow, North Tulsa, West Tulsa Take some cookies or other food items to the Police and Fire Departments of our city to bless our ladies and gentlemen in uniform. Spend some time thanking them for their service to our community and encouraging them. Ask to pray with them.