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Meet Victory Worship.

If we were to be defined by anything, it would be our passion for the transforming Presence of God and our love for His local church. We are Victory Worship, a ministry of Victory Church in Tulsa, OK led by Pastors Paul and Ashley Daugherty. From the very beginning, worship has been a vital part of our church’s DNA. The way we see it, nothing is more beautiful than people of all ages and backgrounds coming together and expressing love for Jesus in their own words and with their own songs. From week to week, this is what we do—in the classes we teach at our Bible College and High School, in the songs we lead, and in our own lives— we seek to make Jesus known and build His kingdom here on Earth. We count it a privilege and an honor to serve the Lord with the gifts He has given us, and we pray that the songs we release bring you into a closer knowledge of who He is and how much He loves you.

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Send Revival is our debut full-length album recorded live at Victory Conference 2017. The 15 track album includes 13 all-original songs and moments of live worship from our church.

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Introduction // (c)2017 Michael Letney

Trust in You // (c)2017 Daniel & Sam Mow

Never be the Same // (c)2017 Samuel Muhumuza

Send Revival // (c)2017 Daniel & Sam Mow, Michael Letney

This Hope // (c)2017 Michael Letney, Adrian Livingston

The Love of Jesus: “Jesus Loves Me (public domain)” “Father not My Will // (c)2009 Paul Daugherty”

Surrender // (c)2017 Antonio Guajardo, Timmy Arisa

Assurance // (c)2017 Brice & Lydia Reheard

How I Love You // (c)2017 Ryan Eason, Adrian Livingston, Michael Letney

Power of Your Love // (c)2017 Samuel Muhumuza, Sam Mow, Brice Reheard, Michael Letney

Your Heart // (c) 2017 Ryan Eason

Make Me Like You // (c)2017 Miriam Springer

Always Look to You // (c)2017 Hannah Waters

Fortress // (c)2017 Michelle Wagner, Michael Letney



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