Business Leader Live

Business Leaders Breakfast

February 21st, 2024 | Ticketed Event
12PM - Lunch & Session

Victory Church - First Floor Chapel
7700 South Lewis Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136

Guest Speaker: Bobby Gruenewald (Founder of YouVersion, Pastor, Innovation Leader At LifeChurch)
Ticketed Event: $25/person

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Victory hosts monthly Business Leader Events with the desire to inspire leaders to invite God to work through them and their businesses, to bring about the Kingdom Business principles in His word. At these events, you will hear from leaders and experts in their fields sharing the ups and downs of their business experience, and how there was a peace because of God being at the center of it all.

Check Out The Previous Sessions Below

John Maxwell


John Maxwell shares during our 2023 Victory Conference on how to navigate leadership using lessons and stories from his own personal journey.

Doyle Bishop


In this Q&A, Pastor Paul sits down with Doyle Bishop to discuss leading through a pandemic, encouraging employees, and much more.

Tony Moore


Tony Moore, Pastor Paul and Terry Henshaw share how Business can look different in this time and how your business can thrive despite closures. See things from a kingdom point of view and get creative.


Coach JC


Coach JC spoke passionately from his own experience, but also equipped us with spiritual principles of thinking differently according to Romans 12:2, and with practical ways to improve ourselves with a breakdown on how to increase profit in your business.


Mart Green


Mart shared that he and his family have a core value of sowing and even in the early days when they had little to sow they still sowed faithfully. As kingdom business men and women we were charged with sowing in our current and future seasons.

Journey of Business


The power of worship, prayer and giving can bring you out of the struggle and into breakthrough in your business, and that the success in your life should not be defined as MORE, but defined as where you find the most fulfilment in the Lord.

Johnnie Hampton


Johnnie Hampton shared on new and innovative ideas on how to market your company while opening the door to share the love of God through the relationships of your clients.

Robert Nelson


We heard from Mr. Nelson about leading & discipling your employees, and how to honor God’s ways through the people you serve in your business.

Terry Henshaw


Terry Henshaw spoke on Faith, Obedience and hearing from the Lord before making decisions on your own. Terry shared personal testimonies of conflict along the way, but also how God used it to lead him into impactful ministry and business decisions.

Sean Kouplen


Sean Kouplen, Chairman and CEO of Regent Bank spoke on putting your trust in God. Sean shared examples of risky moments where his trust in God led him to make successful decisions in unlikely circumstances.

Arthur Greeno


Going from running a small store to being a multi-store owner was not easy, but creativity, perseverance, faith and more than a little stubbornness allowed him to achieve much over that time.

Jim Stovall


Jim Stovall spoke such inspiration to each of us on how to overcome obstacles and see success differently, we were blessed by him and are praying that you as well were inspired and ignited to accomplish your dreams.